Great Moments


1 st. Mov. by CEG

2017 at the State Capitol - Film-Com
Concert 2015
Performing my piece Maria's Tango for a fundraiser.
waiting to perform
Tom Randles & Carlos Dec 2016
at the parthenon
A show in Puerto Rico
After Concert in Dayton Ohio
With Will Griffin at NPR
Ready to play "The Beautiful Witch"
Vanderbilt Event 2015
Concert at Steinway Piano
Carlos concert and CD release at Steinway Piano April 9 2015
Duo Universalis
Duo Universalis with Deidre & Carlos
After performing at Film Com
Most popular solo piece "Gypsy Song"
With the exquisite Mona Golabek
Stacia & Carlos at NPR
2006 Eye Ball
Carlos & Ming at Chinese New Year
At NPR performing an original piece
With Jorge Fuentes ambassador
John & Carlos at NPR
Another Eye Ball
Practicing before radio show at NPR
My awesome Mighty "Michu"
a true designer - Maria Elena
Ming and I in 2007 Festival