The Artist

Carlos Enrique in Live on Studio C with Will Griffin.
Carlos Enrique

   Composer Carlos Enrique Gonzalez-Ruiz was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico.   He began studying guitar and composing at the age of 15. He graduated magna cum laude from the  Conservatory of Music in Puerto Rico, and received several awards for his exceptional talent in composition by the Institute of Puerto Rico from 1983-85 for his Puertorican dances for guitar, "Giovanna" 1983 1st prize, "A Tarik" 1984 3rd prize, and 1985 "Primavera" 1st prize. He later studied in the U.S., and graduated magna cum laude with a Masters in Music and Post Master Diploma in Performance from Temple University in Pennsylvania. Carlos has written over 80 compositions, ranging from guitar solos, trios, chamber orchestra, piano, and full concert orchestra. His original compositions have been downloaded world-wide in over 97 countries. He’s been a guest artist on NPR radio, TV, several universities, nonprofit organizations, invited performer at many high-profile events and private settings.

The Composer

"Gypsy Song" CE



  The symphonic works of Carlos Enrique defy the stereotypes of classical music. Listeners are mesmerized by the beauty of his musical scores. Many of his works are short pieces based on emotion that resonate with people in all genres. Technically, Carlos is masterful at creating symphonic sound digitally and using software tools to tweak and enhance the music to sound like a live performance. He has written from instruments, small instrumental groups, and full orchestra .  His music is available in musical notation. 

Back side of a hand made guitar.
Performing concert in 2014.
Classical guitart tuning macines.