Carlos Enrique Classical Guitarist Composer

Cello Suite Mov. III "Sanctuary"

by CEG

"Carlos has a most refreshing guitar voice. The works on his CD… are expertly written and performed - with elegance, sensitivity, and outstanding musicianship that is truly world class." — John Catchings, Cellist (2006)


"Part two of ‘Gentle Strength’ … a sensitive dance styling scored by Puerto Rico’s Carlos Enrique who provides artful, technically impressive live accompaniment on classical guitar.” — Martin Brady, Nashville Scene (2004)


“His basic musicianship is of the highest caliber.  His performance skills, likewise, are first rate.  His compositions exhibit truly moving qualities and imagination within a traditional narrative musical language that speaks to most listeners.” — Michael Kurek, D.M.A., Professor of Composition, Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt University (2012)


"Carlos's music defies the stereotype of classical music. Listeners are mesmerized by the beauty of his musical scores. Many of his works are short pieces based on emotions that resonate with people in all genres. Technically masterful..." - C. Austin, Nashville TN (2015).